Aircraft Maintenance With Portable Aviation Ground Power Units

Ground Power Units (GPUs) or APUs (ground power units) are used in airplanes, helicopters, and other aircraft as ground starters, either on the runway or in the hangar. Aviation brands like Hawker Aero manufacture portable ground power units, so you can easily transport and use them.

A portable aviation GPU makes it easy to carry a power supply with the power needed to provide the helicopter or airplane with the power it needs to start or perform maintenance on the ground. Navirnet aviation is a well-known helicopter GPU distributor in Europe.

GPUs are essential elements in the proper maintenance of aircraft and in extending their service life.

Aircraft maintenance

No aircraft is so tolerant of neglect as to be safe in the absence of an effective inspection and maintenance program. The processes that affect an aircraft are deterioration over time (e.g. fatigue, wear, and corrosion) as well as incidental failures (e.g. tire blowout, excessive structural loads).

Aircraft maintenance is a necessary process to ensure that aircraft are in good condition and can fly safely. This includes preventive and corrective maintenance tasks as well as inspections to monitor the progress of wear processes. The objective of maintenance is to ensure airworthiness, to keep the aircraft in service, and to maximize the value of the asset. Maintenance tasks can be carried out in a hangar environment or on the flight line.

Aircraft maintenance is essential to ensure flight safety. It is also important to maintain the availability of the aircraft and to maximize its value as an asset. To achieve this, a number of preventive and corrective tasks are carried out, as well as inspections to monitor aircraft wear and tear. This ensures that the aircraft is in good condition and able to meet its flight schedule.

Scheduled work & preventive maintenance

This is preventive work to anticipate and avoid failures.

For preventive maintenance to be effective, it is necessary that the item is restored to its original reliability after the intervention and that the cost of the maintenance is less than the cost of the failure it is intended to avoid. Light or line maintenance includes tasks such as pre-flight checks and rectification of failures.

According to EASA regulations in america Airports., line maintenance refers to any intervention carried out before flight to ensure that the aircraft is in optimum condition for flight. This may include tasks such as troubleshooting, component replacement, and adherence to scheduled overhauls.

Unscheduled work, troubleshooting, and defect rectification

They carry out maintenance to repair specific failures and maintenance in harsher conditions.

Line maintenance may also include the replacement of components, such as engines and propellers, using external test equipment where necessary.

In addition, scheduled overhauls and maintenance are carried out, including visual inspections to detect obvious faults. Minor repairs and modifications that do not require extensive disassembly and can be carried out by simple means can also be carried out.

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